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Race Rules

This will be a 4-race series with a 125-activation training qualifier.  

Weather permitting, races will start in September. The course will be flown out of the south. 


125 - mile Activation qualifier (Hopedale, IL) 

200 – mile race (Harvel, IL) 

250 – mile race (Breese, IL) 

330 – mile final race (Oak Ridge, MO) 

All 4 count for the Average speed, and will be paid out based on Wincompanion calculations. 

The 250-mile and the 330-mile races will play out by clocking order. 


Final race will be flown on September 23rd, weather permitting.


Accepting Birds April 1st to May 31st. Replacements until June 15th. No Exceptions. 

We will be limited to 250 birds in total. No limit on birds entered by breeders. 


Make checks payable to:  Craig Mackenzie 

Ship Birds to                                           

Craig Mackenzie                                                    

1725 S. Weldon Road 

Winnebago, IL 61088 


Perch Fee: $150 per bird. Pay for 5 birds and the 6th bird is free. PERCH FEE MUST ACCOMPANY BIRDS UPON ARRIVAL. 

Activation Fee: $250 Per bird. All birds must be activated after the 125-mile activation qualifier. Birds not activated up to 1 week after 125-mile activation will become property of Beaver Creek OLR. 

At this time birds will only be loft flown up untill the 1 week mark of the activation quaulifyer 

Total refund of your Entry Fee if your bird does not go to the first race in the series. 


Make sure that you have your first and last name, loft name, phone number and email address information within the shipping container. Need that information to contact flyers and for Wincompanion.  


Payout is based upon 150 activated birds. 


250-mile race will pay out by clocking order. 

1st  -  $2000 

2nd -  $1000 

3rd - $500 

4th & 5th  -  $250 


Final 330-mile race will pay out by clocking order. 

1st - $7000 

2nd - $5000 

3rd - $3500 

4th - $3000 

5th - $2000 

6th - $1400 

7th - $1300 

8th - $1200 

9th - $1100 

10th - $1000 


Average Speed will be paid out by Wincompanion calculations 

1st - $2500 

2nd - $1500 

3rd - $500 


Clocking will be by TOPigeon (compatible with Wincompanion) 

Beaver Creek OLR reserves the right to refuse entry to the race to anyone at their discretion. 

Beaver Creek OLR will not be held responsible for birds lost to unforeseen events. 

Beaver Creek OLR reserves the right to modify the race date and location based on weather conditions. 

Upon arrival, the birds will be vaccinated for PMV, Paratyphoid. Treated for internal/external parasites plus Canker. 

All birds will have 9th and 10th flights pulled and regrown before training begins. 

The final race will remain open for 72 hours. If no bird is home by the end of this period, all prize funds will be refunded. 

Birds remain the property of the breeder and will be shipped back at the breeder’s expense. No buyback / No Auction. 

Birds will be shipped back in new shipping containers.  

Birds not claimed 7 days after the final race will become the property of Beaver Creek OLR. 


Entry into the race is the participants acknowledgement and acceptance of these rules. 

Beaver Creek reserves the right to make any and all decisions. 

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